int __stdcall SME_GetWirelessConfig ( SME_HANDLE  handle,
int *  network,
char *  SSID,
int *  channel,
int *  security,
int *  keyType 

Gets the wireless module's configuration.

[in]handleValid handle returned by SME_Initialize().
[out]networkType of network connection
[out]SSIDNetwork name
[out]channelAd hoc channel number. If not an ad-hoc connection, channel is ignored
[out]securityType of network security enabled.
[out]keyTypeKey type used.
Return values
-1Invalid SME_Initialize handle.
-2No module selected. Call SME_SearchForModules() first.
-3Could not get the module's wireless configuration.

Retrieves the current wireless configuration. If the wireless device exhibits a configuration other than those specified in this documentation, then the security type of SECURITY_UNKNOWN will be used.

SSID should be pre-allocated with 33 bytes of space before calling this function.
See also
Network Types, Security Type, Wireless Key Type
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