int __stdcall SME_GetMACAddress ( SME_HANDLE  handle,
char *  address 

Retrieve the currently selected Sealevel I/O module's hardware MAC address.

[in]handleValid handle returned by SME_Initialize().
[out]addressBuffer in which to store the MAC address.
Return values
0Successful completion.
-1Invalid SME_Initialize handle.
-2Invalid module selected. Call SME_SearchForModules() first.
-3Address parameter may not be zero (null).

The returned string will be in the format of "XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX" where the XX's represent two-byte hexadecimal representations of the six MAC address octets.

The buffer to store the MAC address much contain at least 18 bytes of allocated space.

Referenced by CCEthernet::find_devices().

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