int __stdcall SME_SetWirelessConfig ( SME_HANDLE  handle,
int  network,
char *  SSID,
int  channel,
int  security,
int  keyType,
char *  key 

Configures a wireless enabled device's network settings.

[in]handleValid handle returned by SME_Initialize().
[in]networkType of network connection
[in]SSIDNetwork ID.
[in]channelOnly valid for ad-hoc networks. Use zero otherwise.
[in]securityType of network security to enable
[in]keyTypeType of key provided
[in]keyEncryption key
Return values
-1Invalid SME_Initialize handle.
-2No module selected. Call SME_SearchForModules() first.
-3Invalid network parameter. See Network Types.
-4Invalid SSID. SSID must be null-terminated and must not exceed 32 characters.
-5Invalid channel number. Channel should be either zero (infrastructure), or between 1 and 14.
-6Invalid security type. See Security Type.
-7Invalid key type. See Wireless Key Type.
-8Invalid key. Key must be null-terminated, contain at least one character, and must not exceed 64 characters.
-9Invalid security type for ad-hoc. Use NONE or a WEP type encryption only.
-10The supplied security configuration does not allow the use of hex keys (passphrase only).
-11Invalid key. 64-bit hex keys require 10 characters; 128-bit hex keys require 26 characters.
-12Hexadecimal key contains non-hexadecimal characters.
-13Could not set device's wireless configuration due to network error.
-14Invalid SSID parameter.

Configures a wireless device's network settings and configuration. Following a successful upload of the new wireless configuration, the wireless hardware will momentarily reboot and will therefore be unavailable on the network for several seconds.

Both of the SSID and key parameters must be null terminated strings.
Setting the wireless configuration causes the module to reboot momentarily.
See also
Network Types, Security Type, Wireless Key Type
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